May Mohamed; story #19

“Happiness could be found in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light” – Harry Potter

Everyone, meet May Mohamed. A girl who’s passionate about science, a girl with big dreams and a bigger will to achieve them all.

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Salma Saleh; story #18

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door,” he used to say. “You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.” J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring 

Everyone, meet Salma Saleh ; number one Tolkien Fan and the most fun, out-of-the-box creative person you could be around. Salma is passionate about art, coffee, stories, all Tolkien tales and Harry Potter.

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“Mai Fathy”; story #17

هناك شخص في داخلي يريد أن يحكي و يحكي و يحكي .. هناك شخص آخر يريدني أن  أسكت .. أن أسكت أبدياً و ألّا أفتح فمي مرة أخرى  – ربيع جابر ، الإعترافات

Everyone, meet Mai Fathy. A dreamer, a mother and the owner of one of downtown cairo’s best cafes Oldish.

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“Rola Walid”; story #16

We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.

Everyone, meet this wonderful girl Rola Walid. A girl so passionate about art, music and colors. She’s the girl with curliest hair – which she takes extra care of like it’s her baby, dedication is the key – and the most wonderfully weird personality.

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“Mariam Abo Eitta”; story #15


It’s like a drop of honey, a field of tulips blooming in the springtime. It’s a fresh rain, a whispered promise, a cloudless sky, the perfect punctuation mark at the end of a sentence. And it’s the only thing in the world keeping me afloat. – Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi.

Everyone, meet Mariam Abo Eitta. The girl who reminded me of a fairy-tale princess a lot. With her snow white beauty she smiles the brightest smiles and it shines so bright; you could even tell from the photos.

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“Malak Abo Eitta”; story #14

“My heart aches for sisters more than anything It aches for for women helping women Like flowers ache for spring.” – Milk & Honey

Everyone, meet the one and only Malak Abo Eitta. A girl who lives life with arms wide open and with the biggest smile and laugh on her face. One of the nicest persons you’ll ever meet and her style is definitely something worth a second glance.

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“Noha Tarek”; story # 13

“We live and breathe words. …. It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them. Reading your words, what you wrote, how you were lonely sometimes and afraid, but always brave; the way you saw the world, its colors and textures and sounds, I felt–I felt the way you thought, hoped, felt, dreamt. I felt I was dreaming and thinking and feeling with you. I dreamed what you dreamed, wanted what you wanted–and then I realized that truly I just wanted you.” – Clockwork Prince

Everyone, meet Noha Tarek; a literature graduate, a passionate writer and a William Herondale huge fan – yes, this counts as a major part of her story. 

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“Asma’ Gomaa”; story #12

“She came to believe that of all the hardships a person had to face, none was more punishing than the simple act of waiting” – A Thousand Splendid Suns. 

Everyone, meet Asma’ Gomaa; the girl with power in her voice. The girl who reads to find a spark to her newest stories. Asma’ is a reader, a very very very talented writer, a foodie and as I’ve heard – still needs to listen to her songs – she’s a wonderful singer.

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“Shahira Zahran”; story #11

“What I know for sure is that reading opens you up. It exposes you and gives you access to anything your mind can hold. What I love most about reading: It gives you the ability to reach higher ground. And keep climbing.” ― Oprah Winfrey, What I Know For Sure

Everyone, meet Shahira Zahran; the beautiful, spirited mommy. A reader from a very young age and now she’s a living proof that your life, personality, soul is in good hands as long as you feed it words and stories.

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“Menna Medhat”; story #10

“It had not started snowing yet, but the winter winds were blowing through the yards, bending the flowerbeds and rustling the leaves” – The Kite Runner

Everyone, meet Menna Medhat. A girl who sees the small beauties around the world. Meeting that girl was an absolute pleasure, because for the few hours we stayed and had coffee together, the way she talks about how much books mean to her and how affected she gets to be by them was truly inspiring.

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